Rice Pudding Dessert

Easy Rice Pudding This rice pudding is super easy if you have a crock pot or just simply easy if your using a stove top. I took a recipe from Jamie Oliver and altered it to be mom friendly. In other words, easy for those of us with little time on our hands. * 1

Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow Cookies This delicious cookie is a staple for my family during the holidays. Despite being slightly more labor intensive then some other cookies they are incredibly delicious and well worth the extra effort. Ingredients 2 – 8oz cans or tubes almond paste 3 cups butter (softened) 2 cups granulated sugar 10 eggs, separated 2

Recipies Rice Krispie Treats how to Make Rice Krispie Treats Marshmallow Cereal Rice Cereal

There’s nothing like stirring a warm, gooey bowl of Rice Krispie treats and marshmallow; then shaping them in the pan with the anticipation of taking that first crunchy, marshmallow bite. Rice Krispie treats are so easy and fun to make it’s no wonder many families make this a group project. They can be made for

Recipes Rice Krispie Treats

Since 1939 Americans have enjoyed the sweet, crispy treat known as Rice Krispie Treats, invented by the Kellogg Company’s home economics department. They have remained a favorite sweet treat of Americans since then. Rice Krispie treats, also known as Rice Krispie bars are made with Rice Krispie cereal, and are consumed by the millions each

Snap Crack and Pot it into your Mouth

Rice Krispies Treats are an all American dessert. There is a minimal amount of work involved in their preparation and it is so easy that the kids can get involved as well.  Even the youngest child can help. They can be made with the traditional recipe but there are many variations that can make them

Rice Krispie Rice Krispies Recipes Halloween Treats Sweet Treats Rice Krispie Treats Chocolate

Rice Krispies, the simple rice-puffed cereal, can be used to create a variety of different cakes and treats. Making them is quite simple and provides a fun activity for supervised children, creating tasty snacks, deserts, or even gifts. Here are my top three Rice Krispie recipes to try at home. ONE: Marshmallow Crisp’ This is


Making “Pate a choux” – choux pastry that is – is something few people do and I have never really understood why that is. When it comes to all those rules that make usual pastry making complicated and full of pitfalls, forget them when it comes to choux pastry – they don’t apply. In fact

Using Flavored Vodka to Make some really Good Mixed Drinks

Flavored vodka has become very popular these days. While many may enjoy a chilled shot of their favorite flavor such as Whipped or Cherry, most people would like a mixed drink with their favorite flavored Vodka.  Many brands now have a wide range of flavored vodkas, such as Three Olives, Pinnacle,  UV, Grey Goose, and

Ice Cream Sandwiches Gingersnap and Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

Searching for a simple Ice cream sandwich to make for your family? Look no farther! Try these simple to assemble, Choco-mint Ice Cream Sandwiches. They’ll be a hit every time and will be special because they are made with a touch of love! And they are so very pretty too! Choco-mint Ice Cream Sandwich 1

Microwave Mug Brownies

Chocolate; the very word evokes a myriad of feel-good emotions. We associate it with warmth, safety, welcome, love, Mom, reward, indulgence, holiday and Grandma. The mere thought of its rich and creamy goodness boosts our serotonin level. So, when I accepted the challenge of finding the best microwave mug brownie, I was excited. My kitchen