mp-booking is a wordpress pluggin which provide a simple button that open a simple form to complete hostel room reservations.

It permit to have multiple rooms descriptions on one page and for each simply add a booking button that open a form with jqueryui functionalities such as calendar modal form…

The booking process end by a captcha verification and send a mail confirmation to the user (the client) and to the admin’s mail (you).

Installation and using

Install and activate the plugin.
Then add mp_booking tag and argument, like this for example in a page or a post :
[mp_booking object="single room" nummax="2"]


You can dowload plugin on wordpress plugin page :
Plugin page
Or download directly here :


(e-mail on demo are not send)

Here add description for book a single room

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  1. Hi there

    I uploaded this into a site I manage and after two months I have not had one email come through to my address… is there a default address these emailed bookings would be coming through to? could you check to see if they are not there? the website they would be coming through are for

    I hope to hear from you soon. and maybe you could help me understand what I am doing wrong to not be getting my emails?


    1. This is a checklist which could solve your problem

      First : you have to update the plugin

      Second : you have to put directly in your page the shortcode specified
      for this edit the page and add the short code read documentation at :

      Third : be very carefull about the mail adress you put in the shortcode to custom the plugin I advice you to let it by default do a test, change redo a test etc… This advice is describe in the faq (

      >>> This is because if you chage « from » email it could be considered as spam by email system < <<

      My pluggin is more adapted for booking an hostel for your bus tour maybe thes plugin are more adapted :

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